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Flamenco Cajón & Drum-Set


Flamenco Cajón

Offering classes that distill years of touring and residency experience with Arte Kanela Flamenco, classes with Piraña, Bandolero, Isidro Suarez and Ané Carrasco, Joseph's teaching model acts as a bridge to information that is grounded in what is accessible and relevant to students. Coming to Flamenco as someone outside of the culture has given Joseph an insight into how to decipher the nuances that make flamenco cajón more than just repetition of patterns but a nuanced, highly responsive art form.  

Drum Set

Combining a Degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music with a Graduate Diploma of Teaching has equipped Joseph with an approach to teaching that meets the student where they are, sequences instrument specific language and offers recording facilities that ensure lessons are more than just skill building in isolation, but geared toward connection and tangible outcomes.




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